Lincoln cathedral is the third of the medieval cathedrals to make the list. It was another of the cathedrals built by the Normans to overawe the conquered Anglo Saxons and leave them in no doubt who was in charge. I think I must have been a little guy again when I saw this. Lincolnshire is very flat apart from a line of hills running north south through the county called Lincoln Edge. At one point the River Witham cuts through the edge and on the hill by the river the Romans originally built a town. Lincoln Cathedral was built on this hill later on and you can see it for miles as you drive across flat as a pancake Lincolnshire. I remember watching it get bigger as we drove towards it. The town around it is very historic as well and, as we had gone for the weekend to see the Christmas Markets and it was cold and frosty I thought it was something of a magical place. In the evening we went into the cathedral because my mother had got tickets to listen to a concert of medieval music played on the instruments of the day. They lit the cathedral with candles and you could smell the pine from the Christmas trees and the decorations. The music and singing in such a setting was spine chilling and I must have been the only teen guy with CDs of medieval music.

The front of the Cathedral is Romanesque and is all that remains of the original cathedral which fell down in an earthquake. They rebuilt the cathedral but in a Gothic style. When they were doing this they forgot to align the two parts of the cathedral properly so, as you walk towards the main doors the symmetry is all off. But I think it adds to the interestĀ of the building. The three Gothic towers used to have spires and Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in the world for 249 years until the central spire fell down in 1549. I’m not sure what happened to the other two. Since 1549 it has managed to survive mostly in tact. Click the links to find out more.

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