Second day on the run where I had time for myself. Always welcome. So I arranged to meet up with a friend for a catchup and some lunch. It was a bitterly cold day with wind, rain and hail and snow in the eastern suburbs. I caught the tram to St. Peter’s Square and having first picked up tickets at the Bridgewater Hall for a later treat, walked over to Manchester Art  Gallery. They have been having a exhibition of art works by British Asian artists. We had gone to see some work by a guy called Hetain Patel who makes movies. We watched a couple. They were beautiful to look at but it wasn’t apparent what he was getting at but at least it gave us food for thought.

What we did enjoy was the work of another artist called Waqas Khan. He does this thing where he works in the silence of the night, puts himself into a kind of trance and makes tiny marks, sometimes dashes, sometimes dots, to produce his pictures. The marks were tiny and we were in awe of the amount of time he must have spent producing his work. There were even some where, at first, you couldn’t see a thing on the paper and had to stoop to catch the work at a certain angle, in a certain light to see anything at all. Here are a few examples but you really have to see them in a gallery to appreciate the delicacy and detail of his work.

Having had a wander around the permanent gallery collection to visit some old favourites we went for lunch. Neither us had been to FUMO, a smart Italian restaurant in No.1 St. Peter’s Square so we had booked to go there. It’s run by the same company behind San Carlo on King Street and several other popular restaurants in the city. It’s been on my list for a while but wanted to wait until all the building work was done in the square. It’s a two floor restaurant in the foyer of the building, with the two floors being connected by a curving staircase that takes you through the foyer. Although it was a Tuesday lunch time in January, the restaurant was busy but not when I took these pictures. Possibly the other diners had to be back at their desks and the like while J and I had time to sit and chat.

I did like the view from the restaurant, through the foyer and out into the square. It has some of the best architecture in the city to appreciate. And I liked the way the frequent trams animate the square. 

I’d booked for 1 30 and we were early so we had a cocktail in the bar. Both were liquid incarnations of local puddings. I had a Manchester Tart flavoured with vanilla custard, coconut and raspberries. J had a Bakewell Tart, not strictly a local pudding but not too far from the city, flavoured with raspberries and almonds. Delicious and dangerously easy to drink.

For first course I had some Mozzarella Cheese with Parma Ham on a bed of wild rocket, drizzled with Truffle Oil. J had some Bruchetta with tomatoes. There was more to it than that but I can’t remember all the details!

For main we both went for fish. J had a Prawn and Monkfish kebab. I had some Halibut in a tasty tomato sauce. We had a bottle of dry, white wine from Sicily to enjoy with it.

We both went for Sicilian Lemon Meringue Pie and some coffee. It was a good meal and a good afternoon.


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