The Owen Street Towers have come on in leaps and bounds since my ankle incident, three months ago now. They are really making an impact on the city skyline and none of them are anywhere their full height. Eventually there will be four. Two (one about the same height as the Hilton Tower, the second, at 64 floors, will be the city’s new tallest building and the 5th tallest in the UK) are well underway. The glass cladding is racing up and it’s looking fine, especially on sunny days. A third one has just begun to rise but we are still waiting for the fourth. Not sure which this one is but I saw it rising above the Rochdale Canal where it disappears under Oxford Street and beneath the Palace Theatre.

Here it is again, looking from Oxford Street along Great Bridgewater Street. The little structure, called The Temple, is actually an underground bar that has been created in an underground Victorian gentleman’s public toilet. It’s name is a contraction of an old fashioned name for a public toilet…..a ‘Temple of Convenience.’

I took these two pictures from the middle of the tramlines in St. Peter’s Square. It’s a busy spot, toy have to keep your wits about you! In the top picture the Midland Hotel is on the right. The building going up at the end of the street is the AXIS Tower, a mere 28 storeys tall, being built on a tiny site by Deansgate/Castlefield Station. Another 35 storey building is planned for a piece of land beyond it. You can see the 64 storey tower growing on the left and the tower as tall as the Hilton Tower is just peeping from behind the Midland. In the second picture you can see the AXIS Tower again with the 64 storey Owen Street Tower. To its left you can see the Bridgewater Hall. This part of the city centre is changing dramatically.

Looking along Deansgate to the Hilton Tower. The Owen Street Tower that will be about the same height is in the distance a couple of hundred metres further out. The architect who designed the Hilton Tower, Ian Simpson, lives in the penthouse of his building. He’s also the architect of the Owen Street Towers. Rumour is he will buy the penthouse on top of his new tallest tower. 


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