As I haven’t been out and about properly for nearly two months I’ve not seen how the city has been developing. Driving to Chorlton, there were low clouds and a bit of drizzle which restricted visibility. Later on the clouds lifted and the sun came out. I drove through the huge, complicated roundabout road system near Manchester United’s stadium. Those who know it will realise that, after driving along streets with a restricted view you suddenly get a spectacular vista that stretches from Media City to the city centre.

I had my breath taken away by the view towards the city centre where the two towers (of a total of four planned) of the Owen Street development have made a real impact on the skyline. They’ve really grown while I’ve been stuck at home. One of the ones currently being built will be a few floors below the height of the Hilton Tower and the second one will be Manchester’s new tallest building, at 64 floors, 17 floors taller than the Hilton.

Not my picture. I found it on the Manchester section of Skyscrapercity and they found in on Twitter somewhere. Thanks to both for this stunning picture. It must have been taken on one of those cold, frosty, brilliant blue sky days we had last week when the east of the country was snowbound but we had the sun. The new tallest building is on the right with the Hilton Tower sparkling in the centre.

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