It could be that normal service is going to be restored on my blog. After a two month (almost) hiatus, I’m out and about again. I have to say I was a bit naughty about it. I said I was going to a local sports store to get some new trainers for when I go to the gym on Monday. My existing ones are a bit tight on the damaged foot so I decided to buy some new ones, half a size up. That done I really needed to get to my opticians on Seymour Grove to pick up some new glasses I’d ordered just before the ankle incident. They had offered to send them but I really wanted to go in so I just carried on driving to Old Trafford. The optician was at their other store but would be back at 1pm so I went into nearby Chorlton, where all my recent travails began. Here’s the place where I slipped on the leaves. No one has cleared them away yet! I didn’t risk it by wandering down there again.

I wanted to see Eddie who either runs, or works in, this little car workshop just by where I had the accident. He, and one of the customers, came to my aid when I slipped, organised the ambulance and kept me calm and comfortable while I was waiting. Unfortunately, Eddie was over in Ireland attending a family funeral so I didn’t get to see him. He’ll be back on Tuesday. But the rest of the guys who worked there knew all about me it seems. I’ll go back again and see him. 

I went to the Post Box Café and treated myself to some of their delicious Eggs Benedict and coffee. By this time home was texting me wondering how long was it going to take me to choose a new pair of trainers. I said it would be a while to get a pair that were both comfortable and supportive of my ankle.

I wandered along Wilbraham Road to Cocoa, the artisan chocolate shop and café where they make the chocolate treats on the premises. I got some to enjoy while we watch the Strictly Come Dancing quarter final this evening. I saw a few things that would be good as Christmas presents as well.

Chorlton is lucky enough to have a range of independent shops including Out Of The Blue, the fishmongers. I loved the way they have painted their window.

A bag I saw at the Chorlton Art Market. It seems the local cats, operating out of the Horse and Jockey pub, are running a cartel in catmint! You don’t mess with the Chorlton Cat Cartel!

Before I headed to the opticians to pick up my new glasses, I treated myself to a glass of Pinot Grigio in ODDEST. A simple pleasure that I’ve not been able to enjoy for over two months. It was very satisfying. The bar was its usual self but they did have some new staff. I was served by a guy who was channelling his inner Tommy Shelby with his Peaky Blinder cap at a jaunty angle. 

I checked my blog. I had a message from someone else in the city who’s just suffered from a broken ankle. It seems we have the same doctor. Her operation was just last Wednesday and she was doing what I did at that time and searching the Internet to see how long it would be until her ankle would be back to normal. Her search had brought her to my blog. I’ve gone from operation to being able to get about, with some restrictions still, in just 7 weeks. I hope she has the same speedy recovery, if not faster. 

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