I had my first proper trip out today since the accident. I did try going to the big, local ASDA last Friday but it was a bit of a failure. It’s a huge store and the method I was trying to use to get about (using the crutches to throw my entire weight forward while keeping my bad foot and the moon boot off the ground) was exhausting. I had to give up and ended up sat on a bench outside the Barclay’s Bank concession with two old ladies who had bad legs as well. They must meet there regularly, ‘ooooo look’ they said ‘we’ve got a fella!’ 

There’s no pain when I put my foot on the ground in or out of the boot now but walking normally is impossible. But I can do it with the help of the crutches and it’s a lot less exhausting than my previous method. So we had a little trip out. I went round the little Sainsbury’s in Culcheth and enjoyed it. I never thought I’d look at a trip to a supermarket as a pleasure.

And we went to Bent’s, the wonderful garden centre near Culcheth just before you get to the East Lancs Road. It was all ready for Christmas and I enjoyed taking these pictures of their display. They are always worth a visit. They do these beautifully decorated trees. With an average price of about £6 an ornament we reckon it would cost £1000s to do an entire tree. 

It was weird, at my age, to find that people were holding doors open for me and stepping out of my way so I could get about. Very kind of them but I didn’t expect to be here for decades! Hopefully by Christmas I’ll be the one stepping out of people’s way and holding doors for them as they get about on crutches. And I hope I will get a chance to see at least some of the Christmas Markets in Manchester. They open soon and I love to visit them but it will be difficult with the crowds and the huge number of stalls that are stretched through the city centre.

I had my first mince pie of the season at Bents and a delicious coffee. I arrived home and wasn’t exhausted as well. Some of the pictures might be a bit fuzzy. It’s hard to hold a phone camera and balance on your crutches at the same time I’ve found!

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