I have a lot of time on my hands these days while I recover from my broken ankle. And there’s only so much day time TV you can watch! I’m a bit more mobile around the house but getting out is still difficult. The calf of my left leg is wasting away through lack of use, it’s going to take some physio to get it back to the standard of my good leg. On the positive side the crutches are doing wonders for my biceps. The guns are looking good!

I’ve started shopping on the Internet to pass the time. An order went into Marks & Spencer’s this afternoon and in the week I sent an order into myoddballs.com for some new underpants. I don’t need any really but they had some new designs. myoddballs.com is a company that produced pants and, increasingly, other stuff for guys. The attraction is that a percentage of their profits go into a foundation that invests into research into male specific cancers. Supported by a lot of the U.K.’s rugby teams (a game played by men with odd shaped balls) they sell mostly online but they do have a mobile store that visits big games around the country. Their pants are fun and comfortable. Here’s this morning’s delivery of pants.

I bought a top that I can wear while I’m stuck at home with my broken ankle and will look good at the gym when I get back to it to build up my damaged leg.

And I got a free OBBLE hat to keep me toasty warm in the coming colder months.

The pants come in these packets with information on the back, and funny facts, about how to check yourself for testicular ¬†cancer. If you’re a guy reading this follow the advice and have a bit of a check. It could save your life. And, with Christmas coming up, maybe the guys in your life might like to find a couple of pairs of fun pants I n their Christmas stocking. They start with oddballs pants for guys from about 12 upwards (testicular cancer can affect guys in their early teens who may not even realise something is wrong) and they have a range for even younger guys called Goolies.¬†

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