I had a few Saturday jobs to do, nothing arduous or anything so I had a bit of a mooch about. There was a Maker’s Market on Salford Quays and I’m looking for a particular stall holder who makes cool bars to put in your garden shed. I could have checked if he was there but it was more fun to turn up and see if he was there. I do enjoy a good mooch at a nice market. He wasn’t there but that’s no biggie. I have his card.

I decided it was an alternative transport day. The Mini had a day off and I took the tram to the Quays. You get off at Media City and the market, when it’s on, is just across the water by the Lowry Theatres and Art Galleries. We are a very congested city, one of the worse in Europe apparently, though I’m kind of used to it. It’s just the way it is in my world. We’re not as bad as one of those Asian cities like Bangkok or Mumbai but I do know when not to go out and where to avoid. FYI, anywhere near the Trafford Centre is best avoided from now until Christmas. 

We’re not restricted to the trams of course. We have masses of buses but, in my opinion, they just add to the congestion and, in some place, exacerbate it. Mobikes are the latest idea to have hit the city. Thousands of these cool bikes have appeared in the city. You download an app and use it to unlock one. The app tells you where they are. Once you’ve had your ride, you lock the bike and it’s ready for the next person. I’ve had fun on them over the summer. I need to have some more adventures on them. Here’s a whole row of them by the tram station at Media City waiting to be taken on an adventure. 

I’ve not done this yet but I want to. It’s a Waxi. A water taxi service that has started using the city’s canals and rivers as a way of getting around. They have just opened a new route from here at Media City to the centre of the city at Spinningfields. The cool looking, golden roofed building is the latest Alchemist cocktail bar. So you could have one here and then pop into the Alchemist, Spinningfields to have another. We were there last week.

I took the tram into the city centre. Passing through China Town, I saw these Mobikes by the Imperial Arch. They are a Chinese idea and a Chinese company. I wondered if these were trying to get home.

Adding to the Far Eastern vibe of the area were these three Buddist monks in their saffron robes. The building behind the blue tarps is a rather attractive, red brick built, Victorian warehouse. I’m pleased to see that it’s being restored after a disastrous fire a couple of winters back. Sometimes, they just pull them down. I like new buildings but we should save what is good of the past. Two homeless men died in the fire. We think they started a fire to keep warm but it got out of control. A very sad story.

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