I’ve been so busy with work the last two months that I can’t relax properly yet. I’m so used to being busy, it’s hard just to sit and read or watch TV. I keep wondering what I need to do next and the answer is really ‘nothing.’ I might be called upon to do some more extra work in September but that’s optional. I’ve shown willing because an outright ‘no’ wouldn’t go down well but I’m hoping they don’t call on me. I don’t want the July thing running into the November thing. We shall see.

Yesterday I was so free I was able to go out for a walk and check out a wildflower meadow that has been planted up along a grass verge by a road. It’s just coming into high summer flower. It was alive with bees, butterflies and other insects enjoying the food the flowers provide. Formally it was something of a green desert when it was just mown grass. They should do these meadows everywhere.

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