Once I’m done with all the work in July, I will be handsomely recompensed with extra cash and a bonus. Having two more team members to look after will up the amount as well. As I’m practically walking about in rags and tatters I’m thinking I might splash some of the cash on some new clothes.

I went up to the 1st floor of Selfridges to see what was on offer (note to American readers, what you call the 1st floor, we call the ground floor so I was on your 2nd floor). A shirt in the Hermès concession caught my eye. I liked it. One of the ladies working there came over to chat, sensing a sale. The shirt is a thing of beauty, fine cotton with palladium cuff buttons and mother of pearl buttons down the front. I loved the colour and the pattern. I couldn’t see a price. Could she find it for me? It was £800! I thought I’d misheard but I hadn’t. I do have a few Nicole Fahri shirts that cost £150 each but this one is in a different league. I’ll have to have a lot more team members to pay for this one. If you want to see what a £800 shirt looks like….

Slightly stunned, I left Selfridges and found myself in the soaring atrium that separates the store from Marks & Spencer (where you can buy at least 16 perfectly nice shirts for the price of one in Hermès). The Manchester International Festival had set up a free, music installation (of world premiered music) for people passing through. It was beautiful and ethereal and echoed around the space. People stopped to listen. There are several places across the city where you can listen to different pieces of new music. The installation is called ‘Music for a Busy City.’

Outside Selfridges, on the steps leading down to The Old Wellington Inn and Exchange Square, this young lad was entertaining the shoppers. He was very young, his voice hadn’t broken yet. He looked cool in his shades and was good with his guitar. He was rocking Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall.’ I put a £1 coin in his guitar case. It joined an awful lot more. There must have been £60, possibly more, in there. Not bad for a bit of pocket money. If he stayed there all weekend he might be able to buy my Hermès shirt.


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