I’m still busy with work. July is always like this. By 6th July I was supposed to have done about 25% of what was expected of me. I sailed past that target and yesterday, 8th July, I was just over 50%. I love being ahead of myself. My team are doing reasonsably as well. The one who spent a lot of time on the phone justifying why her mistakes were valid has given up on that and the rest are fine. It’s all going so well I’ve been awarded two new members to the team. The lady from Bradford, Yorkshire seems to be efficient. But the guy on the Hampshire coast keeps phoning for tech advice. I can’t see what he’s looking at and I have no idea how to put it right. Phone the tech guys I say. Ten minutes later he’s back on the phone to me. As I type this he has made progress with doing the qualification exercises but he’s not finished. He has to do it by midnight today, if not he’s burnt toast.

But, as I was doing well and the team was ticking along nicely I went into the city for a bit of Tom time. The Manchester International Festival (MIF) is in full swing in its second weekend. I went to the Festival Hub again, in Albert Square, got myself a cold beer and climbed up into the roof of the pop up bar.

It’s one of my favourite things about the festival. It’s such a civilised thing to do. Drink beer among the treetops in the sunshine, check out the sculptures on the Town Hall you usually see from street level and listen to a guy playing music on a beautiful Chinese instrument in the little theatre. And you even get an unusual view of the trams as they pass through the square. 

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