I’ve spent the weekend getting my team in order for the work I have to do over the next few weeks. Here they are! Not really! The real team are scattered across the UK in reality. But I’m going to be facing this crew for most of the time. One of the techy guys from work came to put in a new wireless printer and make sure all my devices ‘talk’ to it. It’s a good job he did as I usually end up swearing at new devices, which I’m told, does no good whatsoever. 

The laptop is my work one. It stays at home these days. I work on my iPad mostly and transfer whatever is needed to the laptop. Until this morning there was an old desktop computer and monitor that used to be state of the art but are now obsolete. So, that gone, I had lots of room to spread out the ‘team.’ The techy guy went behind the desk and pulled out a spaghetti mess of unused wires and cables. He even found the old copper ‘dial up’ cable that we used to use when you couldn’t make a phone call and use the computer at the same time. All this lot on the desk is wireless connected which is cool. At some point I will have to take all the wires and cables to be recycled. There must be valuable metals in them and we’ll never use them again. 

I wonder what our computer setups will be like in 20 years time? I’ll still have the crew though.

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