It’s been the second day of the big meeting at the Mecure Hotel today. It seems to have gone well. And it was nice to be in a building with great air con on such a hot day. It’s a couple of degrees hotter than it was yesterday and even more sticky as thunderstorms are about.

It was about 70 when I arrived in the city centre at 7am this morning, quite pleasant except that was as cool as it was going to get. I had a very Manchester experience just after I got off the tram. I went for a coffee in the branch of Starbucks I went to yesterday. I ordered my coffee and moved to the other end of the counter where the barista prepares it for you. The guy behind me in the queue ordered his and followed me to the end of the counter. He looked at the barista guy, decided he liked what he saw and in less than the two minutes it took to prepare my coffee, he’d flirted with the barista and managed to secure his number and a date for a drink at Barca this evening. I’d just ordered a flat white, where would he have got to if I’d ordered something more complicated?

My life is going to be busy for the next few weeks, certainly got no time to flirt myself into dates with any staff at Starbucks. But I am going to have to make time to go see something I’ve been specifically invited to. It’s Manchester International Festival time. It’s a big deal for the city with all kinds of world premieres taking place. Like with all these big festivals, a festival fringe is growing up around it.

I’ve been invited to one of the Manchester fringe events. The old Bauer Millet car showroom in the arches near the Hilton Tower has been converted into a theatre space, 53two. A production called ‘The Marriage of Kim K’ is being put on in it. From what I gather it’s a mash up of Mozart’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ and ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’ Intrigued and looking forward to it….

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