Tuesday marks the start of the busiest time of my working year. I’ll barely have time to draw breath until early August. It will only be the thought of the inflated August pay check, and possibly September’s, that will keep me going.

So I’ve awarded myself a a quiet day off today. I went to BarberBarber in Barton Arcade to get my hair cut. I’ll have precious little time to get it done over the next few weeks. I passed through St. Ann’s Square to get there. They were setting up a market for the weekend, a little step to the city getting back to normal life. And they’ve jet washed the square to remove all the candle wax from the paving and around the Cotton Bud fountain so it all looks spick and span. 

At BarberBarber, Johnny (the head guy) was no where to be seen. He was down in that there London overseeing the refurbishment of two new barber shops he’s opening. Called Tommy Guns, they were something of a fixture in their respective parts of the city so he’s keeping the name, mostly. They will be brought up to Johnny’s high standards and called Tommy Guns Reloaded. Can you see what he did there? And Andy, who I like to cut my hair, was having a day off as well. So I had it done by another guy, who’s cut my hair before (name gone sorry) and I was happy to let him do it. He’s in his early 20s but has been born out of his decade. His music tastes are 1990s and there’s more than a hint of the OASIS Gallagher boys about how he dresses.

It was after 12 so I had a cool beer. I got talking to the guy next to me. He was in having his hair cut and beard trimmed in readiness for his wedding tomorrow. He’s having the coolest wedding. For a start the ceremony is taking place in the Dinosaur Gallery of Manchester Museum! Then the reception will overlook the Manchester Ship Canal, being held in the circular Compass Room at the Lowry Art Gallery and Theatre in Salford Quays. He showed me the tables that will be decorated with little dinosaurs. They are then off to the Maldives for their honeymoon. 

I went for lunch. I liked this view of the Midland Hotel and Central Library from inside the colonnade of the Town Hall Extension. It’s a classic Manchester view so here it is BIG….

And I like the view from out of that glass blob thing into St. Peter’s Square towards No.1 St. Peter’s Square….

HOME is turning into my favourite venue for an after work (in today’s case no work) attitude adjuster. I was picking up a brochure for the 2017/18 Hallé season from the nearby Bridgewater Hall so I went in for lunch. In this case a delicious Smoked Salmon and Caperberry Pizza and a chilled glass of my favourite Pinot Grigio…

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