I was curious to see what progress was being made on the Owen Street Towers. They are currently being built about 3 minutes walk away from HOME across Medlock Street and the river of the same name. As a reminder, there will be 4 towers with one being 64 storeys tall and, at a height of 201 metres, Manchester’s newest, tallest building.

At present they are building the podium out of which the towers will rise.

They have started on two of the towers. Tower 4 (44 storeys, 140 m) is being built closest to Chester Road, the old Roman road that linked Roman Chester to Roman Manchester and on to Roman York. Those Romans would be staggered to see what is being built on the edge of their Roman fort and their little, unimportant Roman town. You can’t see the core that is rising in the centre of the building as they have put up these screens. Behind them they are building the steel superstructure of the building. It’s interesting because the screens give a clue to the finished shape of the towers. They won’t be 4 sided square buildings. Each side has an indent which gives the tower a regular, inverted, octagon shape. It’s nice to something different that the usual glass boxes. This tower will be topped out in January 2018. It’s amazing how fast they shoot up. 

At the other end of the site I’m excited to see that they are building the tallest tower first.  You can see the core here. Look carefully and you can see an Easter egg stencilled onto the concrete (like they did on those towers on Cambridge Street). So that was where they were by the Easter weekend. They seem to be up to the 5th storey now so 59 to go! This tower will be topped out by July 2018. As yet, they haven’t released the dates for the building of the 2 other towers though I understand that the development has sold a lot of the apartments already, a lot going to foreign investors who will let them out and also benefit from the rise in price of the apartments. With the population of the city rising daily we are short of places for people to live.

A bit of a reminder of what the development will look like by 2020. They will make a dramatic welcome to the city centre as you drive in from the airport.

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