As I posted yesterday, it was a busy day. By mid afternoon I was back in Manchester and at HOME catching up with some work associates. I had a Friday afternoon ‘attitude adjuster’. If you’re not sure what that is I’m sure it won’t take a great leap of intellect to work it out. This is the restaurant/bar part of HOME. It looks quiet in the picture, taken mid afternoon, but is popular and busy at lunch and of an evening, when the theatres and cinemas pull in the people.  

Outside of HOME, Laundrette, the Beech Road restaurant with the fun ‘A’ boards have opened a branch in the Vita student apartment building. They hope to take advantage of all the people that visit HOME and the increasing number of people who live in the apartments around here. I wanted to see their ‘A’ board if they had one. One side was just an advert for their lunch offering but I was amused by the other side.

I walked back past the almost finished, No8 First Street. It looks quite classy. It’s going to be the Manchester HQ of Russian energy giant, GAZPROM. GAZPROM supply a huge amount of Russian natural gas to Western Europe it seems, though not to us. It’s entirely owned by the Russian government which is an interesting idea on its own. I wonder if they are increasing their presence in Manchester because of all the gas trapped in rocks under the surrounding countryside that could be released by fracking?  We will have to see.

A gratuitous shot of the Hilton Tower from along First Street. The crane marks the site of the place where the 28 storey AXIS Tower is being built. Always good to see a new tower going up but AXIS might impinge on the view of the Hilton Tower from here. Another 5 towers are being built in the area. We seem to be getting one of those skyscraper clusters you see in American cities. 

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