It’s been a long day. Up stupidly early to get over to Yorkshire for a early meeting, then back to the office and then over to HOME to see some associates. I was able to have a Friday afternoon ‘attitude adjuster’ there before jumping on the tram system to get home. I got talking to an Irish guy and his small son. They’d flown over yesterday to see Manchester United play and had spent today riding around on the trams and the trains before flying back to Ireland. The little son is fascinated with trains and, as they live in the rural ┬áheart of Ireland, he doesn’t get to see many. He was impressed with how all the lines interlinked and how the trams linked with the trains and how we knew where to change lines and so on. He showed me his ticket that he was taking into school on Monday as part of his ‘show and tell’ session he’s going to do to make up for two days off school to see a game. I showed him my ticket on my phone and explained about the app and how I bought it before leaving home. He was impressed. I may get a mention in his ‘show and tell.’

When I got home two ducks were wandering around the garden. A male and female Mallard duck. The female is the brown one, so she can camouflage herself when on a nest, and the male is the brightly coloured one designed to attract the ladies. I could be wrong, but these could be the couple of ducks that have appeared for the past few years in our neighbourhood. They are not concerned about people or cars coming and going and we all look out for them when we drive about. They were quite happy to allow me to get close to take these pictures.

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