Today is May Day and is a bank holiday in the UK. It’s usually the first Monday of May which this year coincides with the first of the month. It’s an ancient celebration in Europe dating back to Roman times and the celebration of Flora, Goddess of Flowers. It probably goes further back than that as it marks the return to the warm, summer days of plenty and growth. It’s connected to fertility and in medieval Europe it was celebrated with all kinds of goings on going on in the fields and forests to ensure fertility, if you catch my drift. With most of us living in cities these days it’s a much tamer festival now.

In communist and socialist countries it’s been taken over as a celebration of the working man. In the UK, we go to garden centres and DIY sheds. 

On Saturday I was over in the village of Culcheth and we spotted a stall being run by the St. Rocco’s Hospice, selling summer bedding plants. They didn’t have a huge choice but they were quite cheap and the profits go to St. Rocco’s so we bought some. We do have a personal connection with the hospice so we like to help. I discovered that they were going to be there again on May Day so we went over to get some more plants.

The roads were very quiet for a Monday with most people having a lie in on an extended weekend. This was good for the duck I found wandering in the middle of the road on the main road into Culcheth. On an ordinary Monday she would have been a gonner. Mr Duck was quacking at her from the roadside while Mrs Duck walked into the traffic. I stopped the car, stopped the oncoming traffic and the cars coming up behind me and then ushered both of them into the field nearby. 

Good deed done for the day, we drove on into Culcheth where they were setting up a May Day village festival. People would come out during the day to enjoy it. My relative who lives there assured me that no goings on would be going on in the fields and woods around the village later on. People would probably have a nice lunch and watch some TV.

We found the St. Rocco’s stall and bought some more plants. 

It looked quite grey in Culcheth and I thought it might rain. But, by early afternoon, it had turned sunny as I finished planting out the summer bedding, including the ASDA doggie planters that I like.

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