I had two meetings to get to today. One was first thing in an office in Media City in Salford Quays and the second was in Rochdale, almost diagonally across the city from Media City, in the north east of the city. I could have used the car but it would have been touch and go if I could get from one to the other and I might arrive in Rochdale stressed from M60 traffic. I decided to give the Metro a go. First I bought a day pass for £5. I bought it using the app on my phone while having breakfast at home. Altogether I used 8 trams and if I’d had to buy the tickets separately it would have cost more and I would have to fuss at each of the stations. On my phone, my ticket was only a click away. If you are living here, or even just visiting for a few days, it’s worth having this one on your phone. Here it is.

First I took the tram from Altrincham to Media City. It all went so well that I had time to take some pictures as I wandered about. I’ll post them over the next few days. After the Media City meeting I took the tram into the city and changed lines in St. Peter’s Square. While waiting for the tram I took a panorama of the square with the Princess/Empress trees still in full bloom. They looked as if they are going to fall soon sadly. That’s sad but they are replaced by the most enormous leaves that look just like the sort that small children draw. The trees will grow this summer and next year there will be even MORE purple blossom to enjoy. When I looked at the picture carefully, as I’d used the panorama option on my phone, I noticed the guy walking towards me on the left is walking away from me on the right!

This has become one of the most beautiful parts of the city centre. 

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