So, I’m having an extra day on the Easter weekend, lying in bed eating the last of the hot cross buns and drinking tea when, BAM!, we’re in a general election! Is it me or is there a lot more politics about these days? We seem to have been on a conveyor belt of momentous decisions for the last couple of years. Last week it was Turkey deciding something or other and the President winning by the ‘narrowest of margins.’ Last year when Brexit was decided by the SAME percentages it was being called a ‘decisive decision.’

What will happen seems to have already decided. The present government will win but with a much bigger majority making it easier to negotiate Brexit. It will also mean that the present PM, who got the job by default last summer, will have her own mandate from the people. ‘Mandates from the people’ are very important to politicians. It gives them the right to ignore the people who voted for them legitimately as opposed to ignoring them without the mandate. Or am I cynical? It might also put the Labour Party out of its misery. Their leader, popular with party members, loathed by his own MPs and regarded as a fool by huge swathes of the electorate, he won’t be able to survive a pounding at the ballot box from the electorate at large.

Back to my normal life. I was at the Maker’s Market in Spinningfields checking out what was on offer. I got talking to the guy who was selling all things Manchester City. He’s a big fan of Manchester’s richest and most successful team, playing in blue at the Etihad Stadium. 

It was an interesting talk and I learned something I’d never known before. Back in the 1930s Manchester has THREE football teams. Manchester City was the more successful in those days. Manchester United were struggling. The third team, called Manchester Central, playing at Belle Vue, was doing well and wanted admittance to the football league. This would have been particularly bad for Manchester United who were in the second division. They may have lost supporters. Manchester City and United came together and conspired to keep Manchester Central out. Manchester Central had had two successful seasons but were denied access to the league, twice, after applying. After that they began to fail as a team and were eventually wound up. Manchester could have had three teams. I wonder what colour they would have/did play in? A bit of an investigation is in order I think.

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