Continuing my review of the building projects going on all over the city. This next one is a 37 storey apartment tower on Angel Meadows on the NOMA campus just by the co op’s HQ building. It’s about the same height as the nearby CIS Tower. Angel Meadows sound lovely but used to be one of the worst slums in the Victorian city. Frederick Engels visited the area under the protection of his ‘girlfriend’ who lived here.  The appalling conditions he witnessed here inspired him to write his book ‘The Condition of the Working Class in England.’ He was shocked by the differences between the astonishingly rich cotton barons in the city to the poor working people who created the wealth. His book and his chats with Karl Marx in nearby Chetham’s Library inspired the doctrine of Communism. 

Cities change of course and I wonder what the people who lived in Victorian Angel Meadows would make of the people working in the co op HQ and living in luxury in this new tower with its flash apartments, gyms, cinemas and roof top tennis courts. This is what it will look like. I think it looks to be a classy build.

So far they are only as far as ground works. Lots of machines doing interesting things in a big hole with a piling rig putting in the foundations. Manchester is like New York. Hard stone is just below the surface here (sandstone) while Manhattan is built on granite just below the surface, both perfect for building skyscrapers. London, on soft clay, is a difficult city to build tall but they manage at great expense. 

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