Just beyond URBIS, on a tiny site between that and Victoria Station is another building project that is starting off. We’ve been waiting for this one for years. As it is, it’s not a wonderful introduction to the city when you arrive at Victoria. People won’t be impressed if the first thing they see is a semi ruined building. It’s going to become a Hotel Indigo. At one end is a decent little building called City Buildings. It’s a historic building because it was the first, purpose built, office building in the city. I suppose before that offices just took space in other buildings. As long as I can remember it’s been in a sorry state of repair but it is a decent building. There used to be a jumble of little buildings behind it but they have long gone. 

The idea was to use the City Buildings as the public rooms and reception for the hotel and build a tower behind it for the bedroom block. This is what it will look like…

It was first mooted years ago but then we waited and waited and waited. We thought it would never happen especially has it had been one of those projects set up after the banking crisis. It’s part of the co op’s NOMA scheme which was the one thing in its favour, they may be slow but they do get things done, eventually. 

However, what seems to have happened is that it’s been delayed while they complete the Second City Crossing of the tram system and the refurbishment of Victoria Station. With all that building going on I suppose the area couldn’t take another building project.

Well at last it’s started. City Buildings are swathed in tarps and stuff is going on behind them and they are putting in the foundations of the bedroom tower. It will be a good addition to this part of town.

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