Had to dash out this morning for a short while to take someone somewhere. Last week we were promised thick snow but it didn’t really materialise. A snowflake fell somewhere in London and the press and TV were full of stories of chaos and the worst winter in 20 years with special programs about how bad it was in London. Back in January 2010 when Manchester was literally knee deep in snow and cut of from the rest of the country for days on end nothing was said. Why? Because, when we got to London, there was no snow to be seen. 

There wasn’t anything on the weather reports last night about the city having snow in the night. They talked about the eastern side of England, the Peak District to the east of the city  and the area north of the city in Lancashire but not here. It must have swung south at the last minute and hit us. Here are some pictures of the snow where I had to go. Very pretty but difficult to get through.

DSCN0003 - Copy

DSCN0004 - Copy

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