Dad saw a nice little DAB radio for the kitchen in Marks & Spencer’s but thought he’d check out John Lewis first. The same radio was there but £5 cheaper so he got it. I checked out the TV’s but still preferred the one in Marks.

We decided to go for lunch and catch a movie. The centre was heaving with people. The recession seems to be well and truly over at the Trafford Centre at least, with new stores and restaurants opened or opening to fill the spaces left by the ones that crashed a couple of years ago. The food court was incredibly busy but we managed to eat at Cathay Dim Sum. We had to queue for half an  hour to get tickets. I managed both sudukos in the Manchester Evening News and a girl had her hair French plaited as we snaked through the holding area. There were hundreds of people waiting for tickets, mostly kids on holiday seeing all the big movies that came out last week, plus there were lots of Asian people going to see some new Bollywood movies that are out.

We went to see Toy Story 3. I loved the first two. I have no intention of spoiling it for anyone but it has been the best movie I have seen in a long time. The story is good and concerns Andy leaving for college. There is a very dramatic bit towards the end that had us all holding our breath and scared the life out of some of the little guys there whose parents thought they had brought them to see a nice Disney movie about much loved toys. And the last ten minutes are so bitter sweet that people were sobbing in the dark and my eyes began to water as well. I can’t recommend it highly enough, especially if you can go see it in 3D like we did. Some sequels are bad, this one was well worth waiting for. Ken doing a fashion show for Barbie and Buzz getting stuck in Spanish mode were priceless!

The cinema at the Trafford Centre is a 20 screen affair located above Selfridges and below the dome. And check out the mega cool site!