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The big news in the UK today has been the street that hasn’t had a postal delivery for six weeks as the postmen refuse to go there as they will be savaged by this little killer Yorkshire Terrier.

To read the full story about this vicious creature follow this link:

The Lake District has been the home to many of England’s great writers. One of the most popular is Beatrix Potter. She was a lady from London who came to live in the Lakes and began to write a series of books for small children based on the little creatures that lived around her cottage. They were very popular and made her very rich. She was worried what was happening to the Lake District as people from the cities moved in. To stop it she bought huge amounts of land in the area with the money from her little books to stop them being developed. When she died she left the entire lot to the National Trust and has kept the Lakes more or less unspoilt.

Beatrix Potter is a bit of an industry up here and you find shops selling her books and related goods all over the lakes. This one is in Bowness on Windermere.

When I was little I loved having her stories about Peter Rabbit and his buds being read to me.

And here is a Tyke I saw in a shop window in Bowness. If it was open I would have bought him….


I saw this little Tyke having a walk along the walls around Chester……..

We were in St Ann’s Square enjoying the sunshine and the last day of the summer market. There was this guy sitting on a bench cradling this little dog. At first I thought it was a Yorkshire Terrier puppy but she is full grown at one year old. She is called Martha and is what is known as a Teacup Yorkshire Terrier, so called because when she was a puppy she would have fitted into a teacup. They are quite rare and the guy said she cost £600 to buy! And worth every penny I would say. He let me pet her and she licked my finger with her tiny tongue. Click on the pictures, especially the last one, to see her in detail.

I was supporting one of my guys who is brain damaged and has mobility problems this morning. He lives in this sheltered accommodation which is a bit like a little village in the city. It has a parade of shops, gardens and lots of activities for the people to do. There are wide corridors so that wheelchairs and mobilty scooters can get about easily and the little apartments are off these. They look like streets. A lot of the people decorate around their front doors to make the place feel more personal. With out these touches it would feel like a university hall of residence but without the loud music and the piles of beer cans. They do have a bar in the parade and my guy was banned because he had a few drinks, got his mobility scooter stuck in reverse and knocked an old lady off her feet! Back to the decorations. When I was taking his dirty clothes to the laundry I noticed these Tykes. So i snapped them.


Ello Planet Earth!

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